Florida's Best Haunts

About Us

We're a group of Haunted House enthusiasts who travel the state of Florida each year during the Halloween Season to tour as many attractions as we can see.   Over the years, we've seen so many that we decided to start keeping track of them and ultimately put this site together to share our favorites with you.

We hope you'll get out to see some of them this Halloween Season.

In order to help you decide which ones to choose, we ranked the top 25, starting with the best.  Although we love something about every one of them, some are far better than the others.  Here is our list of Florida's Best Haunted Houses.
The Best Haunted Houses in FL

Here's our list of the best haunted houses in Florida, from best to last:

  1. Chamber of Terror - Tampa
  2. The Shallow Grave - Winter Haven
  3. Enigma Haunt - Boca Raton
  4. Howl-o-Scream - Tampa
  5. Halloween Horror Nights - Orlando
  6. Fright Nights - West Palm Beach
  7. House of Horror - Doral
  8. Sir Henry's Haunted Trail - Plant City
  9. Murder House - Tampa
  10. Frightmares - Sarasota
  11. A Pertrified Forest - Altamonte Springs
  12. Hellview Cemetery - St. Petersburg
  13. Haunted Angelus - Hudson
  14. Terror on the Lake - Clermont
  15. Buckingham Terror - Lakeland
  16. Benton Manor - Orlando
  17. Surpreme Scream - Worthington Springs
  18. Deadview Cemetery - Jacksonville
  19. Fearaphobic - Deland
  20. Haunted Hammock - Wildwood
  21. The Haunted Asylum - Merritt Island
  22. Terror of Tallahassee - Tallahasee
  23. Trail of Terror - Jacksonville
  24. The Neverending Nightmare - Ocoee
  25. Scream-a-Geddon - Dade City


Best of the Best

Chamber of Terror


The number one Haunted House in Florida  - Chamber of Terror - started  as a meager home haunt in the back yard of a Tampa house.  After 9 years, in 2015, it moved up to a commercial attraction and opened as The Last Laugh Toy Factory.  Themed as an abandoned toy factory, overrun by demented toys and psychotic clowns, The Chamber of Terror brought it's unique style of horror to the masses of Tampa.   For 2016, they've partnered with the SS American Victory to bring us "Onslaught," the state's only nautical haunted house, aboard a supposed actual haunted WWII-era ship.  Onslaught is the story of a mad doctor, whose experiments have come to life to terrorize the ship and all aboard it.

Check them out at ChamberOfTerrorFL.com